Affair, An  (1998)
Starring: Lee Mi-Sook(a), Lee Jeong-Jae, Song Young-Chang
Director:E J-Yong
Genre:Drama, Romance
Production:Nine Films
Country:South Korea

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Affair, An
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Affair, An
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About Affair, An
Seo-Hyeon who is in ordinary daily life with her architect huband and 10-year-old son. While she prepares for her sister's marriage instead of her sister who is busy on work, she meets a man Wu-In who comes to her like a destiny but her sister's fiance. Seo-Hyeon and Wu-In begin to fall in uncontrollable emotional whirl at the first sight. As they repeatedly meet to prepare his marriage, they are getting close naturally. However Seo-Hyeon, who makes an effort to hide her emotion, ends up becoming one with him due to his love like an afternoon sunshine. They make secret love in a game room, and even in the earth science lab. As Ji-Hyeon comes back from America, however, confused states become more serious and Wu-In and Seo-Hyeon drive to ruin though they are aware of their love can't be completed...........