No Boys, No Cry  (2009)

Also Known As: Boat,
Starring: Ha Jung-Woo, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Cha Su-Yeon
Director:Kim Young-Nam
Genre:Action, Drama
Production:IMJ Entertainment, Kraje Pictures
Language:Korean, Japanese
Country:South Korea, Japan

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About No Boys, No Cry
Hyung-gu, a young Korean, visits Japan by boat three or four times a month to help with middle-aged Bo-gyung's smuggling business. It is always Touru, a young Japanese man, who welcomes him there. One day, Bo-gyung ordered then to kidnap a woman named Jisu and take her to Japan, and this changes their future in an unexpected way. Hyung-gu, having met Touru, suddenly feels responsible for his family. Meanwhile, Touru, who used to take care of everything feels liberated after meeting Hyung-gu. In spite of the language border and the difference of surroundings, the two young men from Korea and Japan go through pieces in blossom of youth together.......
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