Hwang Jin Yi  (2007)

Also Known As: Hwang Jini
Starring: Song Hye-Gyo, Yoo Ji-Tae, Ryu Seung-Ryong
Director:Jang Yun-Hyeon
Genre:Traditional, Drama, Romance
Production:Ciz Entertainment, Cine2000
Distribution:Cinema Service
Country:South Korea

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About Hwang Jin Yi
Hwang Jinsa's daughter Jin-Yi is perfect lady with wit and beauty. The day before her wedding day, her engagement is broken because of Katbachi's suicide who has fallen in one-sided love with her. Shocked at his death, she becomes a famous prostitute. She comes to fall in love with Byeok Kye-Su but when he leaves for Myeong Kingdom as an envoy, she begins her wandering journey seized by the feeling of betrayal.

Later, she meets and lives with a learned man Lee Saeng who is incompetent in financial aspect but when he tries to sell her out to a troupe of dancing-and-singing entertainers, she leaves to follow them by herself.
This story is about the life of Joseon-era dancer, musician and poet, Hwang Jin Yi, who seeks perfection in her art relentlessly and the hardship facing women due to their lowly social status.

Hwang Jin Yi (Ha Ji Won) is the illegitimate child of a noble and Heon Keum (Jun Mi Sun), a noted musician gisaneg. The story centers on the four men in her life and her pursue in the art of dancing. Her first love with a nobleman's son Kim Eun Ho (Jang Geun Suk) ends in tragedy. Her love affair with Kim Jung Han (Kim Jae Won) does not have a happy ending either. Byuk Kye Soo (Yoo tae Joon) is the Emporer's relative who are obsessed with her and tried every trick but still could not have her. Finally there is her devoted bodyguard Yi Saeng (Lee Shi Hwan) who never deserted her in times of need. Meanwhile, there is Bu Yong (Wong Bit Na) who not only is Hwang Ji Yi's rival in dancing but also in love.
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Hwang Jin-yi, an inner journey   Guojun (October 12, 2007)

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