Sea Walls  (1973)
Starring: Shin Young-Gyun, Lee Nak-Hun, Oh Hyeon-Gyeong
Director:Lee Seong-Gu
Production:Tae Chang Enterprises
Country:South Korea

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About Sea Walls
A sincere civil servant Lim Seok-Jae receives a special command from the minister to work as the chief of field office in Po Hang Industrial Complex where they create artificial port for the first time in Korea. The work is almost completed but a breakwater work is in slow progress. Lim overcomes all difficulties including conflict with Japanese technicians and defamation over him. He puts forth every ounce of his energies to carry on his task. When he is in hospital on account of overwork, a storm warning comes into effect and strong waves hit breakwater and cover over cation. Lim comes out of hospital in spite of his sickness to direct thousands of workers to work in the right places. He himself also energetically does his best to control the complex. His work is carried on in the harsh storm.

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