Dooly, a Baby Dinosaur  (1996)
아기공룡 둘리
Director:Im Gyeong-Won
Production:Dooly Nara
Distribution:J Com
Country:South Korea

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About Dooly, a Baby Dinosaur
Dooly, a baby dinosaur came to be flown to Han River one day after he has been locked in a huge piece of iceberg in the Antarctic for billions of billions years since he was missing. Reviving from apparent death, Dooly gets to stay at Mr. Ko Kil-Dong, a petty bourgeois' house. But due to naughty Dooly, Mr. Ko Kil-Dong's house can never be in quiet state. Moreover Hee-Dong Yi, an alien Downer, Ttochi and Michol are added here and they take a trip to the future taking Time Cosmos in order to be grown-up quickly. However they came to be thrown to the space maze due to operational mistake of Time Cosmos.

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