Wang and Park on Myungdong Street  (1970)
명동의 왕과 박
Starring: Park No-Sik(a), Jang Dong-Hwi, Kim Ji-Mi(a)
Director:Byeon Jang-Ho
Production:Korea Art Films
Country:South Korea

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About Wang and Park on Myungdong Street
Wang, a former big boss on Myeongdong St. who was driven away to Japan by the rival gangster boss Park, comes to Seoul twenty years later. Wang and Park have one hell of fight, in which Park is defeated. Park's son Young nicknamed 'Leobard' aims his piston at Wang. At that very moment Sun-Ok, an ex-lover of Wang, now Park's wife and Young's mother, stops him, saying Wang is his real father. Wang and Young embrace each other.