Adultery  (1989)
Starring: Bang Hee, Jeong In-Cheol
Director:Park Yong-Jun
Production:Han Yeong Films
Country:South Korea

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About Adultery
Na-Young and Myeong-ho live happily with their child, Cho-Rong. They plan to spend in a condominium, but Myeong-Ho can not come there, because of an urgent business. On that day, Na-Young is raped by Sang-Hyeon. Sang-Hyeon chooses her, because her eyes resemble to the eye of his ex-lover. However, Na-Young wants Sang-Hyeon from sexual desire, while Myeong-Ho makes love with the piano teacher of Cho-Rong. She has his baby. When Na-Young knows about it, she divorces from Myeong-Ho and chooses Sang-Hyeon. However, Myeong-Ho apologizes to her for his faults, and Cho-Rong appeals her to accept him with tears. They forgive each other with the appeal of Cho-Rong and live happily in the end.

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