The Uprising Soundtrack
이재수의 난

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Also Known As:Lee Jae-Soo's Rebellion, Les Insurges
Director:Park Gwang-Su(a)
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:Drama, Traditional
Release Date:Jan 01, 1999
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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01. 오프닝 (까마귀 시점)
02. 달리는 이재수와 고낙선
03. 채군수의 독백 - 1
04. 숙화와 재수 (바다)
05. 대정창의 (大靜倡義) - 1
06. 교당의 기습
07. 쫓기는 민당 (북)
08. 대정창의 (大靜倡義) - 2
09. 명월진 전투 (총을 들고 달리는 이재수)
10. 장두로 나서는 이재수
11. 채군수의 독백
12. 재수와 숙화의 만남 (동굴)
13. 처형되는 최제보
14. 월계의 노래 (이별가)
15. 하늘의 별이여...(문신부의 트럼펫)
16. 민당의 입성
17. 채군수의 독백
18. 까마기 시점
19. 엔딩 타이틀
About Uprising, The
Residents in Che-ju island are suffered from some Catholics' misbehavior and too heavy taxation. As the death rate by hunger is on the rise, angry islanders finally determine to cause a rebellion against the Che-ju government. Although a commoner Lee Jae-Soo knew about that the leader of rebellion should be responsible for all the results and willingly choose the death after rebellion, he volunteers a leader, leaving his lover, Sook-Hwa, alone. Jae-Soo asks the execution of five vicious Catholics and remedy for evils in religion and taxation for the government, besieging the Che-ju Castle. The battle starts. Inside of castle fires toward Lee and other residents, and they kill Catholics one by one. Lee finally captures the castle, but a French fleet has already headed for Che-ju. In the meantime, Lee lays down his life for himself after obtaining the promise on correction in religion and taxation by the government. The bloody winter has gone and ears of barley blossom. Hundreds of people having followed Lee, and Sook-Hwa ...

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