Scent of a Man
남자의 향기

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Director:Jang Hyeon-Su
Country of Origin:South Korea
Subtitle:no available
Sound:Dolby Surround
Release Date:Nov 01, 1998
Product Made In:South Korea
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1

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About Scent of a Man
At a first meeting with misty rain on a spring day, they accept the sad destiny. Their names are Hyeok-Su and Eun-Hye. Hyeok-Su meets Eun-Hye at his age of 12. At the moment he watches this little girl whom his father takes home, he 'determines to devote every thing' for her. They grow up as brother and sister with affection of heterosexuality in a corner of heart. Hyeok-Su gets in underworld to be a gangster while Eun-Hye meets Cheol-Min, a law school student in a college. Cheol-Min, who becomes a prosecutor, persistently follows Eun-Hye to give her courtship and Eun-Hye accepts his proposal on condition of Hyeok-Su's parole as he is sentenced to be in jail for 7 years. When she was a high school girl, Eun-Hye was raped by hoodlums of her village. Hyeok-Su, who punished them, goes in juvenile reformatory without telling the reason he committed violence because he doesn't want her 'lost virginity' to be revealed. From this moment their fates get to be twisted. After married Cheol-Min endlessly displays violence to her as he finds that Hyeok-Su and Eun-Hye are not biological brother and sister, and they lived together before she married. Unable to standby this, Eun-Hye murders Cheol-Min while Hyeok-Su voluntarily takes her crime upon himself for Eun-Hye.