Really Like You TV Series Soundtrack
진짜진짜 좋아해

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Also Known As:I Really Really Like You, Love Truly
Director:Kim Jin-Man
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:May 09, 2006
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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1. 좋아해 - 유진, Mr Burn
2. 女봉순 男봉기
3. 캔디처럼 - 유진
4. 진짜진짜 좋아해 - 혜은이
5. 빗길
6. 눈물이 하는 말 - 마현권
7. 진짜진짜 좋아해 (ROCK 버전) - 이정열
8. 개울
9. 자꾸자꾸 - G-fu(지퓨)
10. 언덕
11. 정선아리랑 - 유진, 이용이
12. 꽃분
13. 진짜진짜 좋아해
14. 캔디처럼 (Reprise)
15. 꿈
16. 자꾸자꾸 (Waltz 버전)
17. 진달래
About Really Like You TV Series
Broadcast: April 8, 2006 ~ August 6, 2006
Total 34 Episodes

What makes "Love Truly" different from other drama series is it focuses not on the life of the president but on those who works in the Blue House (Korean presidential residence). It is the story center about the true residents of the Blue House; those who have always been in the very center of the history, but remained nameless for many years- presidential chef, nutritionist, barber, security guard and others.

"Love Truly" is a story about a country girl, Yeo Bong-soon (Eugene) who undergo lots of difficulties to become an assistant chef at the Blue House. However, due to her carelessness, she lost her job in the Blue House. Luckily, Bong-soon never give up and work even harder to become professional chef that protects traditional Korean foods that extinct gradually.

Yeo Bong-Soon (Eugene Kim) from a mountain village came to Seoul to live and look for her parents after her foster 'grandmother' passed away. She got a job as an assistant cook at the President's Blue House canteen and later in the Blue House kitchen. She falls for Jang Joon-Won (Ryu Jin), the President's son, a highly intellectual doctor, who is married and his wife is suffering from dementia and has a five year old daughter. As Bong-Soon finds herself falling in love with Joon-Won, we also find a love triangle building up, when Bong-Ki, the President's family's bodyguard, starts to fall for the hillbilly Bong-Soon! The drama explores about how BongKi (played by Lee MinKi) got in touch with his own feelings and how BongSong's generousity makes these men fall for her. This is an excellent drama and is a must see.