April Story Soundtrack
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Also Known As:四月物語, Shigatsu monogatari
Director:Shunji Iwai
Country of Origin:Japan
Release Date:Apr 01, 2000
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Product Details
- April Front
- April Front-Ending Version
- Fishing Field
- Hallway
- 결투의 테마
- 무사시노
- 봄의 온도
- 비의 기적
- 살아있던 노부나가
- 새로운 생활
- 자전거
- 헝가리 무곡 제5번
- 四月의 피아노
About April Story
In spring, a girl leaves her home town of Hokkaido to attend university in Tokyo. Once there, she is asked to reveal why she wanted to go there in the first place.
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