Emperor of the Sea TV Series Box Set (13discs)

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Also Known As:God of Ocean, Jang Bo-Go
Director:Kang Il-Su, Kang Byeong-Taek
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, History, Traditional, Drama
Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0
Product Made In:Taiwan
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
Case:Box Set
Region Code: All, NTSC
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Rating for English Subtitles: Excellent

About Emperor of the Sea TV Series
The "Emperor of the Sea" is an epic television series in every sense of the word. Besides totaling 50 episodes, the series possesses a budget of 15 billion won, and features many stunning sets and locations. The battle sequences are given epic scope, and computer graphics are used to enhance their scale. But the ultimate focus of "Emperor of the Sea" is on a single man, Jang Bo Go, and the realization of his destiny: to control the East Asian Sea!

Based on the life of a true historical figure, "Emperor of the Sea" is an epic Korean Drama based on a novel by author Choi In Ho. Choi Su Jong stars as Jang Bo Go, who rises from a lowly slave to the military commander of the sea during the Unified Shilla Dynasty (676~935). Along the way, he battles pirates, and engages in a heated rivalry with Madam Jami (Chae Si Ra), a Shilla noble who squares off against Jang Bo Go for trade rights in the South Sea. Song Il Gook (winner of the 2002 KBS New Actor award) is Yeomjang, Jang Bo Go's charismatic comrade, who supports Jang in his ascension to The Emperor of the Sea. But Yeomjang competes with Jang for the love of Jeong-hwa (Soo-ae)...

Tired of trendy and superficial dramas that are rampant these days, viewers highly credited this epic drama with its intense and profound storyline. The breathtaking action scenes of climbing rugged precipices and being buried alive seem to be holding viewers in thrall, especially since the news that Choi Su Jong got injured on Dec. 23 while shooting another action scene was reported.

With his superb acting, Choi Su Jong dispelled fears that he is not the right actor to play Jang Bo Go. The fans of this drama have even made up a nickname for Choi, who plays a gladiator, dubbing him Gladi Choi.