Take Care of Us, Captain TV Series Soundtrack
부탁해요 캡틴

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Also Known As:Fly Again, Yes, Captain
Director:Joo Dong-Min
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Drama, Romance
Release Date:Mar 08, 2012
Publisher:Didim Music Entertainment
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:CD Case

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Sky - B1A4
추워요 - 송지은(시크릿)
Fly Again - 다큐멘터리 (구혜선, 최인영)
가슴 한쪽 - 하동균 (원티드)
반 (反) - 제이워크 (J-WALK)
Sky (Inst.)
추워요 (Inst.)
Sky (Piano Ver.)
추워요 (Scat Ver.)
가슴 한쪽 (Guitar Ver.)
Over The Mountain (Pop Ver.)
Fly High
Wind (Acoustic Ver.)
Step By Step
Fly High (Acoustic Ver.)
About Take Care of Us, Captain TV Series
Broadcast: January 4, 2012 ~ March 8, 2012
Episodes: 20

The drama began filming with location shoots in Australia and unfolds around the character growth, careers, and romances of those working at an airport.

Kim Yoon Sung is the talented pilot of a passenger airline who gets saddled with a new co-pilot , Han Da Jin in her attempts to become a pilot.

The pair gets caught in a love triangle with Kang Dong Soo who is an air traffic controller at Incheon International Airport with seven years of experience under his belt. He’s prickly and cool, but possesses a cute, playful side that sometimes crops up.