Real School! (Mini Album)
레알 스쿨!

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Product Information
Director:Lee Geun-Wook
Country of Origin:South Korea
Genre:TV, Sitcom, School, Juvenile
Release Date:Feb 08, 2011
Product Made In:South Korea
Case:Deluxe Case

Product Details
Welcome To Real School (3:18) - Various Artist
Always (3:30) - U-Kiss
Kiss Me (3:49) - U-Kiss
떠나지마 (4:43) - Ace
Always (inst) (3:18)
About Real School! TV Series
Broadcast: January 10, 2011 ~ March 4, 2011
Episodes: 40

A sitcom about a group of students who have a phobia of English. They are enrolled into a “Secret Class” that is known for a high success rate of teaching students English. Each student has their own ‘secrets’ and problems with studying English.