Alan Tam
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Date of birth:August 23, 1950
Country:Hong Kong

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About Alan Tam
Alan Tam began his career in the HK entertainment industry in the legendary band 'Winners', before branching out into his own singing and acting career. Though he won 'Best Male Actor' awards twice in the early 1980s, he is better known as one of the all-time greats of Cantonese pop music, dominating the scene in the early-mid 1980s, with songs often winning 'Top Ten Songs of the Year' awards, and himself taking 'Most Popular Male Singer' on numerous occasions. His most famous songs include 'Love's Origins', 'Illusion Images', 'Friend' and 'Autumn Love', plus the pop/disco classic 'Love Trap'. He would have won more awards in the 1980s had he not controversially decided to refuse all singing and acting awards from 1988 onwards. Nonetheless, he has continued to sing and act to this day. Known for his healthy lyrics and clean lifestyle, he earnt the nickname 'Lucky' for his constant success on celebrity game shows. He started the trend amongst HK entertainers to claim eternal youthfulness, declaring every year that he is turning 25. Very good friends with Jackie Chan and HK TV greats Eric Cheng and Natalis Chan, he is a seafood lover and the captain of the HK Celebrities' Soccer Team.