Byun Young-Joo

Also Known As: Byeon Young-Ju
Job:Director, Writer
Date of birth:December 20, 1966
Country:South Korea

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About Byun Young-Joo
Born in 1966, Byun Young-Joo graduated from Ehwa University with degree in law, completing the graduate course at Chung-Ang University’s film department. A founding member of documentary group Boim, she is responsible for [The Murmuring] trilogy. [The Murmuring] received Ogawa Shinsuke Award from Yamagata International Film Festival of Documentaries.

Helpless (2012)

Flying Boys (2004)

Repatriation (2004)

Ardor (2002)

Murmuring, The (1998)

Habitual Sadness (1997)
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