Come Back Alive TV Series  (2016)

Also Known As: Please Come Back, Mister, ȳ , Hello My Precious
Starring: Rain(a), Kim Soo-Ro, Kim In-Kwon
Director:Shin Yun-Seop, Lee Nam-Cheol
Genre:TV, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Country:South Korea

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About Come Back Alive TV Series
Broadcast: 2016.02.24~2016.04.14
Episodes: 16

This drama was based on the Japanese Novel Mr. Tsubakiyamas Seven Days / ߣΤࡰ by Jiro Asada. A man is worked to death, but he comes back to the living world in the attractive body of another man for a limited amount of time.

Lee Hae Joon (Rain) is a perfect man with good looking appearance. He works as a section chief in the womens apparel section at a department store. His body is actually possessed by the spirit of Kim Young Soo (Kim In Kwon) who was worked to death. Meanwhile, Hong Nan (Oh Yeon Seo) is a beautiful woman, but her spirit is possessed by a tough guy, Han Ki Tak (Kim Soo Ro). At the same time, Shin Da Hye (Lee Min Jung) is a beautiful housewife, but her husband suddenly dies. She falls into a love triangle with Lee Hae Joon and a promising store employee Jung Ji Hoon (Yoon Park).