Friend TV Series  (2009)
模备, 快府甸狼 傈汲

Also Known As: Friend, Our Legend, Friend, Untold Story, 模备, 弊 给促茄 捞具扁
Starring: Hyun Bin(a), Kim Min-Jun, Wang Ji-Hye
Director:Gwak Gyeong-Taek, Kim Won-Seok(c), Kim Sang-Cheol
Genre:TV, Drama
Production:Jininsa Film
Country:South Korea

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About Friend TV Series
Broadcast: June 27, 2009 ~ August 30, 2009
Total 20 episodes

Director Kwak Kyung Taek remakes his 2001 gangster classic Friend for television in the highly anticipated MBC drama Friend, Our Legend. Produced by the same production company that made the film, Friend, Our Legend expands and retells Kwak's semi-autobiographical rough-and-tumble tale about four childhood friends coming of age in the tough streets of Busan in the 1970s and 80s. Hyun Bin of My Lovely Sam Soon fame takes the role originally played by Jang Dong Gun, while Tazza's Kim Min Joon, who hails from Busan, plays Yoo Oh Sung's role. Friend, Our Legend co-stars Seo Do Young (Spring Waltz) and Min Ji Hye (How To Meet a Perfect Neighbor), and features cameo appearances from Jang Dong Gun, Ju Jin Mo, Park Si Yeon, and Cha Seung Won.
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