Shim's Family  (2007)
좋지 아니한가

Also Known As: Skeletons in the Closet, Shims Family
Starring: Cheon Ho-Jin, Mun Hee-Kyung, Kim Hye-Su(a)
Director:Jeong Yun-Cheol
Genre:Family, Drama, Comedy
Production:Musai Film
Distribution:Cinema Service
Country:South Korea

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Shim's Family
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Shim's Family
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About Shim's Family
The five members of the Shim family don't get along too well. The father (Cheon Ho Jin) is a harried teacher who is bothered by the rote and ineffectiveness of his work. At home, he resists his wife's (Moon Hee Kyung) nighttime overtures because he's too tired. She's pretty tired herself as well, tired of the endless household chores and inappreciative family. Her sister (Kim Hye Su) writes martial arts fantasy novels, and has no prospects of getting married or moving out any time soon. Their troublemaking son (Yoo Ah In) skips classes, fantasizes about his previous life as a Joseon Dynasty king, and spends his time chasing after a girl (Jung Yoo Mi) who wants nothing do with him. The sleepy youngest daughter (Hwang Bo Ra), meanwhile, just wants to know one thing: how did she end up in this mess of a family?
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