I am a Cyborg, but That's OK  (2006)
Starring: Rain(a), Im Soo-Jung, Choi Hee-Jin
Director:Park Chan-Wook
Genre:Romance, Drama, Comedy
Production:Moho Film
Distribution:CJ Entertainment
Country:South Korea

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About I am a Cyborg, but That's OK
After attempting suicide, Young Goon (Lim Soo Jung) ends up in an asylum, outfitted with retro accessories, concerned doctors, and plenty of quirky patients. Young Goon's problem? She thinks she's a cyborg. Her bigger problem? A cyborg can't eat human food. Refusing to eat, she spends all her rapidly depleting energy communicating with her machine friends (like the coffee vending machine), plotting against the doctors, and trying to recharge herself with batteries. The cute and quirky Young Goon immediately attracts the attention of asylum mate Il Soon (Jung Ji Hoon), a young man with a knack for stealing. He can steal anything, even Thursday, and his specialty is stealing other people's skills. Recognizing that Young Goon is in trouble, the love-struck Il Soon tries his hardest to help her eat again, bringing both of them onto a path of romance and healing.
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