Twelve Boarders  (1979)
십이(12)인의 하숙생
Production:Dong-A Exports
Country:South Korea

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About Twelve Boarders
Twelve boarders live at the boarding house of Ms. NamGung. Kang Tae-Ju, the driver, loves Hye-Jin, or Ms. NamGung's daughter, but she does not accept his proposal. Kim In-Tae, who is a college student to study national examination, loves Baek Su-Yeon, or a nurse. Heo Il-Man, who feels lonely at the house, comes to Seoul to look for his wife and children. Both Jin-Su and Mi-Ya are now under escape to avoid their parents' objection. On the day when all of twelve boarders hold the wedding ceremony for the young couple, Heo Il-Man finds out that Jin-Su's mother is just his wife. Heo leaves the place lonely.