Wedding Day, The  (1956)
시집가는 날
Starring: Jo Mi-Ryeong, Kim Seung-Ho, Choi Hyeon(a)
Director:Lee Byeong-Il
Production:Dong A Films
Country:South Korea

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About Wedding Day, The
Master Maeing is very proud that the influential family will be his esteemed house of in-law very soon since his loving daughter Mi-Yeon is to marry their son. But, leaving a few days to the wedding, he hears the rumor that the future son-in-law is a cripple on leg. Regretting that he can't give his lovely daughter to such a cripple, he decides to give a maid of daughter instead. Unexpectedly, the future son-in-law show up in the wedding hall is not a cripple, but a healthy and handsome youth. Embarrassed though he is, he has no way but to wed the maid with him.