Aboard the Ship  (1971)
훼리호를 타라
Starring: Park No-Sik(a), Choi Ji-Hee
Director:Go Yeong-Nam
Production:Hapdong Films
Country:South Korea

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About Aboard the Ship
Seong-Min who was hired as a bodyguard to protect a woman gets to know that something fishy is going on around him, and tries to find out what it is with Jang Don-Su whom he came to know on the ship. It turns out that there are a set of printing plates used to counterfeit money in Koryo ceramics that the woman was carrying. The pro-Pyongyang federation of Korean residents in Japan who aimed to cause turmoil in South Korea was behind all this. Finally, Seong-Min and Dong-Su, a CIA agent, dump counterfeit money into the sea on their way to Korea.