Seven Valid Causes of Divorce, The  (1974)
Starring: Choi Jeong-Hun, choi Jeong-Min, Choi Nam-Hyeon
Director:Lee Gi-Won
Production:Yun Bang Films
Country:South Korea

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About Seven Valid Causes of Divorce, The
Chan-Ho and Sun-Nyeo, children of a famous family, are influenced by new civilization, though they are forced to marry by parents. As Sun-Nyeo can't give birth to a baby, her parents-in-law begin to maltreat her and even hire a surrogate mother. Thus Sun-Nyeo becomes mentally disordered. For Sun-Nyeo violates two of seven valid causes of divorce, she is locked in a cave where she gets superstitional treatment. Just before she is about to be dead, Chan-Ho and Young-Jun help her to revive. Sun-Nyeo is cured in a hospital and her husband's parents are impressed by Chan-Ho's persistent enlightened idea. Finally Sun-Nyeo goes back her in-law's house with her husband Chan-Ho.

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