Boat Whistle, A  (1974)

Starring: Hong Wu, Lee Yeong-Bok, Ju Jeung-Nyeo
Director:Jang Yeong-Guk
Production:Yun Bang Films
Country:South Korea

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About Boat Whistle, A
Hye-Ryeon is a member of a research team that is studying marine products in Nam Hae Island. While she spends her summer vacation in Nam Hae with Tae-Seob, she makes an acquaintance with a humble guy Chun-Won. As he saves her from drowning and defeats bad boys' threats, Hye-Ryeon and Chun-Won fall in love passionately. But they have their own ways to go. Chun-Won, who is proud of his work and has a burning passion for his success, remains in Nam Hae and watches Hye-Ryeon's departure. Hye-Ryeon, too, feels a sense of loss and gets on the boat with affection towards Chun-Won.