Forever with You  (1958)
그대와 영원히
Starring: Do Geum-Bong, Choi Nam-Hyeon, Lee Yong(a)
Director:Yu Hyun-Mok
Production:Sam Seong Films
Country:South Korea

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About Forever with You
A boss of the underworld Choi Nam-Hyeon loves Do Keum-Bong, a waitress of a cabaret, but she falls in love with his man, Lee Yong. Finally, Choi Nam-Hyeon and Lee Yong come to fight in order to have her. The moment when Choi Nam-Hyeon shoots Lee Yong and Do Keum-Bong, he's also shot dead by Lee Yong. Dying and whispering that they'll be together forever, Lee Yong and Do Keum-Bong hold tight each other.

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