I'm a Man on Myungdong  (1971)
명동 사나이 따로 있더냐

Also Known As: Myeongdongsanai Ttaro Itteonya
Starring: Park No-Sik(a), Kim Jeong-Hun(a)
Director:Byeon Jang-Ho
Production:Bo Han Industrial
Country:South Korea

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About I'm a Man on Myungdong
Park Man-Kil who came to Seoul to make money after selling his ancestral burial ground, buys a mobile house, but gets robbed of everything he owns. Man-Kil breaks in some house to compensate for his loss, and happens to know other burglar in the same house. Man-Kil and his new friend start to do their own business of kind of mobile bar on Myungdong street with a shoeshine boy Gap-Dol. The business was a big success but soon gets to face other bar owners' protests, which results in the mobile bar's complete destruction. But two men and a boy decide to start again their business, not giving up their hope for success.