Battle of Eagle  (1976)
독수리 전선
Starring: Ha Myeong-Jung, Namgung Won, Mun Oh-Jang
Director:Go Yeong-Nam
Production:Hwa Chun Trading
Country:South Korea

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About Battle of Eagle
During Korean War, the Korean Air Force secures the command of the air. The Red Army orders Kang Il-Koo from a Russian officer to set up the special radar device. Fist Lieutenant Yun, a member of Lieutenant Commander Kim's formation in charge of radar detective tactics, falls to the ground. Yoon kills the enemy and infiltrate into the their radar base and tries to escapes, getting close to Mok, a daughter of Kang Il-Ku. In fact, Sun-Ae, a sister of Lieutenant Commander Kim is lover of Yun. Informing the flying corps of the location of the radar base, Yoon escapes with Mok without mishap. Mok congratulates Yoon and Sun-Ae on their marriage and treads on the ground of the free nation.

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