Second Sex, The  (1989)
力2狼 己
Starring: Lee Hye-Young(a), Im Seong-Min(a), Yu Gi-Suk
Director:Go Yeong-Nam
Genre:Erotic, Drama
Production:Ha Myung-Jung Films
Country:South Korea

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About Second Sex, The
Heo Bin, who is very busy with the hotel construction in Kyeongju, comes to Seoul on business, and knows about the secret relationship of his wife Seo-Yeon and Hyeong-Jun. He is disappointed with her betrayal. After he comes back to Kyeongju, he falls in love with the beautiful interior designer Ji-Su. When Seo-Young comes to KyeongJoo to meet her husband, she witnesses his love affair. Her son Jin and daughter Jin are hurt by the trouble of the parents. Seo-Yeon is shocked by the suicide of her friend, and then she goes to meet Heo Bin. She asks him for the true meaning of sex.

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