Wrecked Fishing Boat, A  (1973)
Starring: Yun Jeong-Hee(a), Kim Seong-Ok, Sa Mi-Ja
Director:Kang Hyeok
Production:Han Rip Films
Country:South Korea

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About Wrecked Fishing Boat, A
As the only boat of a small fishing village Kwi Po Ri is broken in wild wind and waves, fishers' family leave the village. But ship owner's wife Sun-Nyeo makes up her mind to remain in the village and repair the boat by herself for the boat is the life and dream of her late father and her husband Du-Man. Then Jang-Wuk,who ran away to this village after robbing a jewelry, tries to persistently approach to her. On a stormy day, when every body moves the broken boat to safe area, Sun-Nyeo's son is missing. As Jang-Wuk appears with Sun-Nyeo's son in his arms, Sun-Nyeo loses her consciousness and nails on the broken boat in that state of mind. Jang-Wuk bursts into her to take iron hammer from her and cries he wants to behave as a man should for the first time in his life.