Sailing with a Dismast Boat  (1979)
돛대도 아니달고
Starring: Lee Gyeong-Tae, Jeong Young-Sook, Yun Il-Bong
Director:Lee Won-Se
Production:Hanjin Enterprises
Country:South Korea

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About Sailing with a Dismast Boat
In-Ho's whole body gets paralyzed owing to cerebral palsy, but his mental status is good. His mother makes him attend an affiliate school of the educational institution for the disabled, and makes every effort to take care of him in spite of poor living. The school teaches how to use power typewriter, but he cannot learn it. His father dies of liver cancer. On the contrary, he comforts his mother and devotes himself to typewriting and painting using mouth. He paints a drawing by mouth thinking of his mother's difficult days. He and his mother live strong lives to accomplish brighter future.