Seashore Village, A  (1965)

Also Known As: Gaetmaeul, Gat-ma-eul
Starring: Shin Young-Gyun, Go Eun-A(b), Hwang Jeong-Sun
Director:Kim Soo-Yong(a)
Production:Dae Yang Films
Country:South Korea

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About Seashore Village, A
At a seashore village, fishing boat does not return owing to high seas so that the number of widow is much growing, and so is Haesun (a woman in the village). She lives with her mother-in-law. One day she has a sexual relation with Seongku who works at charcoal making furnace, and gets married to him again and go to mainland. But Seongku is also drafted so that she is forced to return her hometown. Since then, she becomes insane to climb the mountains, in which she can watch sea, and waits for her husband in vague hope.
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