Turtle  (1970)
Starring: Shin Young-Gyun, Kim Dong-Won(c), Yun Jeong-Hee(a)
Director:Lee Seong-Gu
Genre:Drama, Social
Production:Dae Yang Films
Country:South Korea

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About Turtle
The head of beggars called 'Turtle' lives under Chongkye Bridge. He loves Sir Han's concubine a 'Woman from Hwangju.' He is ready to do everything for her. One day he helps Sir Han's son escape from Japanese police and kills a policeman, for which he receives a heavy jail sentence. Turtle returns to his old den but hunchbacks were occupying there. One hell of bloody fight breaks out between beggars and hunchbacks. Turtle is seriously injured and dies in 'Woman from Hwangju''s arms.

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