2PM Saturday  (1998)
토요일 오후2시

Also Known As: Saturday, 2:00 pm
Starring: Kim Min-Jong, Lee Seung-Yeon(a), Yu Oh-Seong
Director:Min Byeong-Jin
Production:Dream Cinema
Distribution:Sam Sung Image Center
Country:South Korea

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About 2PM Saturday
Du-Yeon, an elegant and beautiful woman in her late twenties, is a professional pickpocket who robs others' purse habitually roaming around hotels or museums. Inherited this job from her father, ex-pickpocket, Du-Yeon feels she is in a solitary island in the far-off sea. She has nobody to talk something warm with in metropolitan Seoul. One day Du-Yeong, who loves a film 'Casa Blanca' and orange color, meets a handsome guy Yun-Tae who wears an orange-tinted tie and rolls his tongue to pronounce English very well. Du-Yeon opens her mind looking for salvation in his eyes but Yun-Tae is in fact an employee of a department store and tries to allure a rich woman to change his destiny. At the moment Yun-Tae meets Du-Yeon and thinks luck has at last come to him, things are twisted in uncontrollable way. As Du-Yeon steals a purse of a violent organization's fund manager, two persons are caught by hoodlums and what is worse an inspector Sang-Ku persistently chases Du-Yeon.