Whirl of Betrayals on Myeongdong  (1972)
Starring: Choi Mu-Ryong, Kim Ji-Mi(a)
Director:Im Kwon-Taek
Production:Se Gwang Films
Country:South Korea

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About Whirl of Betrayals on Myeongdong
Dong-Yeol, a gangster, gets rid of his rivals in and out of the organization after his boss died. Oh In-Tae, a member of Wang Dae-Ryong family, befriends Dong-Yeol and helps him to remove his rivals. But As In-Tae gets killed, Dong-Yeol cries over his death, and goes to save his lover Cheong-Ja who was held hostage by Ma Do-Seon family. But Cheong-Ja shoots Dong-Yeol, who also shoots her before he dies.