Road to Racetrack, The  (1991)
경마장 가는 길
Starring: Kang Soo-Yeon, Mun Seong-Geun, Kim Bo-Yeon
Director:Jang Sun-Woo
Production:Taehung Pictures
Country:South Korea

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The Road to Racetrack
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About Road to Racetrack, The
R, finished studying in France, meets again a woman called J who lived with him there. But J refuses R. R comes to Tae Ku in anger. R realizes present situation is terrible due to his old parents, other families, and his wife who is not well-matched with him. He goes back and forth between Seoul and Tae Ku since he gets a job as a temporary instructor. He meets J again but as she refuses him because they are not in France, he is tired. J got a doctor's degree with R's literature criticism and tries to marry another man. R adheres to physical relationship with J more and more because of sense of betrayal. As he suggests to leave Korea, J doesn't agree. In the end R begins to write a noble titled 'The road to racecourse' to find an exit from this wandering.

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