Love-birds Boat  (1964)
Starring: Shin Seong-Il, Uhm Aeng-Ran, Jeon Gye-Hyeon
Director:Kim Kee-Duk
Production:Geuk Dong Films
Country:South Korea

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About Love-birds Boat
In the middle of Lee Dynasty, Minister (Panseo) Lee, a corrupt official, attempts to take power by making daughter of Kim Byeong-Ho, head of Justice Department (Keumbudosa), become his daughter in law. However, Kim wants that his daughter gets married to son of Governor of Yongcheon Province, so that Lee is angry to hear such a fact and tries to kill Kim on the charge of rebel. Fortunately, King Ijo coup detat reverses the circumstance to let Minister Lee be executed, while Kim succeeds in his daughter's wedding as he wanted at first.