Bichunmoo  (2000)

Also Known As: Flying Blade, Bicheonmu, Flying Warriors, Out Live
Starring: Kim Hee-Seon, Shin Hyun-Joon, Jeong Jin-Young
Director:Kim Young-Jun(b)
Genre:Action, Drama, Romance, Martial
Production:Taewon Entertainment
Distribution:Cinema Service
Country:South Korea

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About Bichunmoo
In the 14th century in China, at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, the whole continent of China was
under Mongolian rule, the Mongolian, the Han, and the Koryo (ancient Korean) migrants were
going through racial conflicts, while experiencing the strife due to the local baron’s rivalry,

The film begins with fierce fighting between Mongolian soldiers and the Ten Swordsmen led by
Jahalang. In spite of his complete victory to him, Jahalang seems conflicted. On his face, looking
down at Sullie and her son at their mansion, the story goes back to the spring of 1343, at
Sanmaehyun in China’s Habook Fortress.

Jinha, son of a Koryo migrant and Sullie, illegitimate daughter of a Mongolian commander
become close friends who rely on each other. Against their wills, Sullie’s father, Taruga takes
her with him to Sohung right after her mother’s death. After some time, Kwakjung, Jinha’s uncle
confesses the secret of his parents’ death and his birth when he is on the verge of death. And
Jinha leaves for Sohung when Kwakjung dies.

Due to the Bichun Secret Arts, the strongest martial secret he’s mastered, he gets attacked by
assasins, and Junkwang saves him coincidently. Jinha finally meets Sullie only to find her
betrothed to no other than Junkwang, the man who saved his life. But there is no stopping Jinha
and Sullie as they head for a hiding place, to express their love for each other.

Trapped by Junkwang and Taruga, Jinha is shot by arrows and falls from a cliff. Miraculously
brought back to life, Jinha is reborn as Jahalang, a hired assassin. He kills Taruga and brings
chaos to Junkwang’s house. There he re-encounters Sullie, but a deep gap exists between them
from all the years.
'Bichunmoo' walks the straight action line and introduces a high level of martial arts.
The ‘Ching Siu-Tung’ Martial Arts Action Team of 'A Chinese Ghost Story' and
'Swordsman II' was responsible for the intricate action scenes,
swordsmanship, and the exquisite yet acrobatic martial arts.

A tragic love story unfolds between a man and a woman in the midst of the fateful
encounters and conflicts of different races at the end of the Yuan Dynasty,
when the Mongolians ruled China. The last scene delivers a most touching and
unforgettable emotional moment, even among tragic love stories.

All the leading SFX technologies were brought in to captivate the audience. The blue
screen process, 3D animation, MCC, and other advanced technologies are combined in
this movie for the best effects possible. 'Bichunmoo' will showcase the latest
developments in SFX technology, especially with the flow motion technique used in
'Matrix', and present a screen completely different from those seen so far in existing
martial arts action movies.
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