Son and Lover  (1992)
아들과 연인
Starring: Lee Jae-Ryong, Kim Hye-Seon(a), Park Keun-Hyung
Director:Jo Mun-Jin
Production:Chung Mu Ro Films Co. Ltd
Country:South Korea

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About Son and Lover
Ka-Hee and Jin-Ho think they have to solve the problem of their parents' marriage before they marry. Fortunately both of them seem to hide their lovers and they feel relaxed. On the day of meeting of their parents each other, they came to know a surprising fact : Ka-Hee's mother and Jin-Ho's father meet each other. Unspeakable troubles and nervous disputes follow that. However fortunately the family court informs them there is no legal flaw in two marriages. But the children succeed in marriage thank's to their parents generous yield.