Saving My Hubby  (2002)
굳세어라 금순아

Also Known As: Geum-Sun
Starring: Bae Doo-Na, Kim Tae-Woo(a), Ju Hyeon(a)
Director:Hyeon Nam-Seop
Genre:Comedy, Drama
Production:Eins Film, PMC Production
Distribution:Korea Pictures, Cineclick Asia
Country:South Korea

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About Saving My Hubby
Geum-soon, once a top-ranked volleyball player, is now a common housewife with a six-month old daughter and a clumsy husband. On the first day her husband goes to work and spends the day taking care of her little daughter who never stops crying. While Gum-soon is busy cleaning her house upon hearing her parents-in-law are coming on the next day, she gets a phone call from a club that they've arrested her husband for an unpaid bill. Amidst the merciless threatening of the gang in the club, Geum-soon rushes out into the night streets, still carrying her baby on her back. It's past midnight with less than three hours to go before her in-laws arrive. In the seediest part of Seoul, Geum-soon’s husband is practically being held for ransom for the alcohol he didn't drink, Geum-soon has no clue where the bar is, two rival gangs are chasing after her, the pot is boiling at home, and her daughter is wailing while Geum-soon is leaping over trash cans in a dark alley. It’s all a night's work for Geum-soon who's having the worst day of her life.
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