Ghosts of the Villa  (1986)

Starring: Han Hee, Do Ji-Hong, Kim Jin-Hee
Director:Kang Dae-Seon(a)
Production:Samyoung Films
Country:South Korea

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About Ghosts of the Villa
While working in the construction site of villa, a lot of skeletons and tombstones are found and the owner of the villa and the overseers of construction site are killed one by one. It's because that the spirits set out to revenge on them once they begin to deprive the spirits of their resting place and freedom. The villa changes to a haunted house and scientist couples came from America come to live in it. As the spirits begin to harass them again, they ask a great monk to help them. The monk finds the spirits' demand through conversation with them and the couple move to the other place.

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