Island of Women  (1989)
여인들의 섬
Starring: Seong Mi-Hee, Choi Gi-Ho, Park Yong-Ha
Director:Ha Ryun
Production:Seong Rim Enterprises
Country:South Korea

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About Island of Women
Mu-Soe has a big body and strength, but he is reserved man and innocent. He drifts on the tide and arrives at the island of widow. He excites the shipowner's anger and is expelled to the sea. He is saved by the shaman Baek who loses her mind. He sells his body in order to help the shaman. The wife of the shipowner, Ok-Nyeo, is in despair, because she is under pressure of her husband and mother-in-law in the reason why she has no baby. She is fascinated by the strong Mu-Soe. Her husband dies, when his ship sinks because of the heavy seas. Her father-in-law forces her to have a baby of Mu-Soe. When she has his baby, Mu-Soe leaves this island.