Dragon Ball  (1990)

Starring: Heo Seong-Tae, Lee Ju-Hee
Director:Wang Yong
Production:Dong Il Films
Country:South Korea

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About Dragon Ball
Sohn Oh-Gong, a boy who lives in a deep mountain, is expert in martial art. He believes one of seven dragon balls is his grand father's feature and treasures up the rest 6 dragon balls. While Burma came to know that he can have his wish realized with 7 dragon balls and he leaves looking for the rest dragon balls with Sohn Oh-Gong to satisfy his greed. They fall in danger being deprived of dragon balls by emperor Parahu who dreams to conquer the world but they overcome the difficuulties with Sohn Oh-Gong's outstanding martial art and wisdom. Meanwhile their dream transforms into a absurd wish due to one of his companions, Oh-Ryong's unjust greed.

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