If It Snows at Christmas  (1998)
크리스마스에 눈이 내리면
Starring: Park Yong-Ha, Kwon Oh-Jung, Kim Min-Sang
Director:Jang Dong-Hong
Production:Samyoung Films
Distribution:Samsung Film Business
Country:South Korea

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About If It Snows at Christmas
Song-Hi was raised by her father, violinist. After her father died, she falls in love with her elementary school friend Su-An like a destiny. After 12 years, Song-Hi who is teacher at kindergarten, meets Su-An again. The love of Song-Hi was not changed, but Su-An became a different person. He becomes lawyer and has fiancee Yu-Jeong, violinist. Discouraged Song-Hi suggests him to have date for 7 days on condition that she gives to him Stradivarius violin, her father's relics, as a betrothal present. Su-An and Song-Hi spend nice time as if they became children again. Su-An feels love to her, but 12 years have made everything changed and they feel a long distance between them. When the destined time nears, Su-An leaves for New York with his fiancee leaving happy reminiscence with Song-Hi behind.